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There is a 20kg maximum for pack transport so aim to keep packs as light as possible.


Rain jacket
Warm sleeping bag

Warm clothes (wool or polypropylene)
Appropriate footwear (we strongly recommend hiking boots)
Torch/flash light (with good batteries)
Pack (flooding or a breakdown may prevent cartage occasionally)


You will need at least one set of clothes to walk in and another to change into at night. Drying facilities are available for small amounts of wet clothes at each hut.

Boots: need to be comfortable and well broken in
Socks: (wool/polypropylene) two pairs
Shorts: (cotton/nylon)
Shirt: (wool/polypropylene)
Long johns or trousers: (wool/polypropylene)
Jersey or jacket: (wool/polar fleece)
Undershirts/T-shirt: (wool/polypropylene)
Gloves: (wool/polypropylene)
Woollen hat & sun hat
Raincoat: (waterproof)

Extra socks, underwear, shirt or lightweight jersey

Optional: walking poles, gaiters

Personal Equipment

Pack: with large waterproof/plastic liner
Sleeping Bag: good quality
Torch: spare batteries
Toilet gear: insect repellent, sunscreen, blister kits, antihistamines (for bee/wasp stings)
Drink Bottle: it is advisable to drink regularly during the day

Pillows and clean pillowcases are provided at each hut

There is no cell phone coverage on the track

Optional extras:

Lightweight shoes for inside
Swimming togs