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First Night

Cook House
You arrive in your vehicle at Island Hills Station and stay in the the shearer's quarters which have been converted to provide rooms with two single beds in each. There is a hot shower and a fully equipped kitchen with an oven,BBQ and fridge.

Second Night

Valley Camp
The Valley Camp is a large open plan hut with a fully equipped kitchen, gas cooking facilities,BBQ, hot shower and a small gas fridge/freezer for perishable items.

Third Night

Bush Hut
Set in native bush forest, the Bush Hut built in 1932 has all the characteristics of early pioneering times with a few modern facilities such as gas cookers, small fridge/freezer and a hot shower. It has bunks and semi-permanent tents situated behind the hut with amazing views of the mountains.

All kitchens are fully equipped with:
Gas cookers, fridges, cutlery, plates, pots, pans, coffee plungers, tea towels, items for washing up and lots more. You need nothing but your food. The Cook House also has an oven.