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The track covers 30km over 3 days. The season is from mid October until mid April and is limited to 10 in a group.

Day One 14.6km 5-7 hours
Difficulty: long but mainly easy terrain.
After spending the first night at the Cook House you set off on the first day. This is the longest day, walking up and down over open farmland, along stock and access tracks and through forests both exotic and native to the Valley Camp Hut

Day Two 8.2km 4-6 hours
Difficulty: expect rough, uneven ground.
The second day has many small sections of uphill as it climbs and descends over sub-alpine ridges for 8.2km to your final night at the Bush Hut. Care with footing must be taken.

Day Three 7km 2-4 hours
Difficulty: mainly easy walking.
Day three is a very enjoyable easy walk that covers 7km through native bush and over high country farmland. You should arrive back at your vehicle at the Cook House around lunch time.

If you are having your pack/gear transported it does not arrive back at the Cook House until between 12 and 1pm.